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AIBS Honors Contributions to the Biological Sciences

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For Immediate Release
25 April 2007

For more information, contact:
Richard T. O’Grady, AIBS Executive Director; 202-628-1500 x 258

2007 award recipients to be recognized in ceremony 14 May

Washington, DC. Each year the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) presents awards to eminent individuals or groups for outstanding contributions to the biological sciences. AIBS is pleased to announce the following award recipients for 2007:

  • Distinguished Scientist Award: Simon A. Levin, Princeton University

  • Outstanding Service Award: William Murdoch, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Education Award: Carol A. Brewer, University of Montana

  • President’s Citation Award: Niles Eldredge, American Museum of Natural History, New York

  • Past-President’s Award: Kent E. Holsinger, University of Connecticut

  • Broadcast Media Award: David Baron, The World, for “Bioko’s Endangered Monkeys”

  • Print Media Award: Kenneth R. Weiss and Usha Lee McFarling, Los Angeles Times, for “Altered Oceans”

The awards ceremony will take place on May 14 at the AIBS Annual Meeting, to be held at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC.

AIBS president Douglas Futuyma and executive director Richard O’Grady said in a joint statement: “We are pleased to honor these talented and dedicated individuals. From a variety of backgrounds, they have all made significant positive contributions to the field of biology.”

For more information on the 2007 AIBS Annual Meeting (theme: Evolutionary Biology and Human Health) and awards ceremony, see

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For more information on the Media Awards recipients, see

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