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New Evolution Resources from AIBS

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
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For Immediate Release
25 October 2005

For more information, contact:
Susan Musante
AIBS Education and Outreach Program Manager

Book and DVD/VHS now available from the AIBS bookstore

Washington, DC. Two new resources on evolution are now available in the AIBS Bookstore at

Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation, edited by Joel Cracraft and Rodger Bybee (2005, 202 pp.): Based on the symposium that AIBS and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study ( held at the 2004 annual convention of the National Association of Biology Teachers (, this book presents the proceedings of the two-day symposium, which featured 17 lectures by research scientists in evolutionary biology and five panel sessions of educators who teach evolution at the secondary and post-secondary level in schools as well as to the general public in science centers. For a list of contributors, see

Part 1: Introduction to Evolutionary Thinking
Education Panel 1: Teaching the Scientific and Philosophical Foundations of Evolution
Part 2: The Tree of Life
Education Panel 2: Teaching the Tree of Life
Part 3: How Evolution Works
Education Panel 3: Teaching the Mechanisms of Evolution
Part 4: Evolutionary Science: Advancing Public Health
Education Panel 4: Teaching Evolution’s Importance for Public Health
Part 5: Evolutionary Science: Advancing Societal Well-Being
Education Panel 5: Teaching Evolution’s Importance for Society

Evolution — Why Bother? (2005, 27 Minutes): The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, AIBS, and Why Bother Films have produced a 27-minute video of broadcast quality, DVD and VHS format, that is an excellent, non-technical exploration of evolution and natural selection in our daily lives. Endorsed for classroom use by the National Association of Biology Teachers, Evolution — Why Bother? consists of eight self-contained chapters optimized for both individual viewing and classroom use. Intriguing photography, special effects, and upbeat pacing will captivate viewers. Prominent biologists and science educators—including Patty Harmon, David Mindell, Carl Bergstrom, Paul Gepts, Lynn Caporale, Kenneth Miller, Jerry Waldvogel, and Joel Cracraft—explain how an understanding of evolution is being used today to guide our search for new medicines, help solve crimes, develop vaccines, combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria, deal with invasive species, grow our food, provide a rational basis for managing resources, protect endangered species, and identify emerging diseases. This program explores the practical reasons why evolution is important in our daily lives - why we should bother with evolution.

For information about these and other AIBS education initiatives, contact Susan Musante, Education and Outreach Program Manager, at

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