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ActionBioscience Picked for ENC's Digital Dozen and Texas A & M's LABB Seal of Approval

Oksana Hlodan

For Immediate Release
3 October 2002 receives recognition from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse and Texas A&M University

Each month, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) features 12 high-quality mathematics and science education web sites on ENC Online ( Known as the Digital Dozen, the 12 sites are selected by a team with math, science, education, and web publishing expertise. This month, has been chosen for the award.

Located at The Ohio State University and supported by the U.S. Department of Education, ENC was established in 1992 to collect all types of teaching materials for K–12 math and science educators and to identify and disseminate information about federally funded programs.

ENC’s description of reads:

Seven biological challenges:
how do they affect your life?
09 - Post-Sec.
ENC#: 020190
Synopsis: Did you know that with each passing hour, three species have disappeared forever from this planet? Or that autism might have a genetic origin? These and countless other questions are addressed and explored through articles designed to raise public awareness and engagement with bioscience issues.,1577,10-2002,00.shtm

To be selected for the Digital Dozen, sites must meet criteria in the following categories:

  • Content and Pedagogy
  • Audience Usefulness and Engagement
  • Functionality and Navigation
  • Use of Web Technology and Design

Also this month, Texas A&M University at Galveston has named the “web site of the month” and gives it the Seal of Approval from the Laboratory for Applied Biotelemetry and Biotechnology (LABB) at the Department of Marine Biology:

This is our pick-of-the-month for an outstanding site related to research and education in marine life sciences, and is awarded the LABB Seal of Approval. is an outstanding site dedicated to promoting literacy in biological sciences. It features a wealth of useful information to the interested web-surfer, as well as teaching tools, information and curricula, including original, peer-reviewed articles. This site will definitely stimulate discussion about a large variety of biological topics including evolution, biodiversity, and many more.

For information about, an education resource of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, contact the editor, Oksana Hlodan, at or For information about other AIBS education initiatives, contact Susan Musante, Education and Outreach Program Manager, at

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