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For Immediate Release: 6 January 2010

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Free professional development opportunity for educators

Washington, DC.— On January 12, Oksana Hlodan, Editor in Chief of, will present the webinar “Thinking Like a Scientist: Teaching and Learning with Current Science Issues.” The webinar is sponsored by the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the webinar seminar site of the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA). This webinar is designed for high school and educators of undergraduate-level introductory science courses.

NSTA’s web seminars are free 90-minute, live professional development experiences that use online learning technologies to allow participants to interact with nationally acclaimed experts, NSTA Press authors, and scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NSTA partner organizations. Participants in the webinar can communicate with Hlodan directly via computer or message boards, respond to poll questions, and view slide segments. The experience will be a rewarding hour of collegial learning and discussion.

Hlodan’s main focus is: Can issue-based activities make science come alive? Can the process of science work in concert with the context of science through issues? In the first part of the web seminar, participant will explore how to use to incorporate issues into their teaching and extend its resources to activities that illustrate ‘thinking like a scientist.’ In part two, the discussion will examine how to use historical cases to illustrate their application to lessons on current issues. In the final hands-on component, participants learn how to teach students to evaluate web resources using the 5Ws strategy and discuss ways to use this and other strategies for thinking critically about online resources.

To register for the free webinar, go to the NSTA website registration page at:

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