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The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) and are dedicated to promoting biological knowledge in everyday life to serve science and society. The production, vetting, and dissemination of reliable scientific information, however, require sufficient financial resources to pay for operating and staffing expenses. For its scientific articles on pressing biological issues, for its lesson plans for teachers, for its custom links in each article that help readers learn more and get involved, needs donations to remain an effective tool for promoting bioscience literacy worldwide.

AIBS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations go 100% toward’s direct costs, with no deductions by AIBS for administrative fees or overhead. To view recent AIBS financial statements and tax filings, please see our listing online at GuideStar.


To donate, mail your check (and any further instructions as described below) made payable to the American Institute of Biological Sciences, with in the memo line, to the Executive Director of AIBS at the address below.

Donations in excess of $100 receive a free one-year membership in AIBS and print/online subscription to the AIBS monthly journal, BioScience.

Donations in excess of $1,400 receive a free life-time membership in AIBS and print/online subscription to the AIBS monthly journal, BioScience.

directed donations

If you wish, you may direct your donation to support activities in specific content areas (choose all that apply; multiple choices will receive equal funding):

  • Biodiversity - including conservation, invasive species, genebanks, biopiracy, endangered species
  • Environment - including population impacts, dead zones, natural resources, value of ecosystems
  • Genomics - including patents, pharmacogenomics, privacy of genetic information, DNA databases
  • Biotechnology - including cloning, GM food, gene therapy, stem cell research, xenotransplants
  • Evolution - including fossil dating, speciation, human evolution history, evolution theory
  • Public Policy
  • Education - including science standards, inquiry learning, curriculum resources, teaching bioethics
  • Preparation of lesson plans and other teacher resources
  • Spanish translation fund
  • General operating funds

And please go to to donate to other departments of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, including

  • The AIBS monthly journal, BioScience, disseminating biological knowledge around the world for more than 50 years
  • The AIBS Education and Outreach Office staffing and activities
  • The AIBS Public Policy Office staffing and activities, promoting sound science in public policy decisions
  • The AIBS scientific peer-review services division, supporting sound science in public/private funding decisions
  • The AIBS Student Chapters network, helping develop future biologists

continuing support

To provide continuing support for, you may request to be invoiced each year for the donated amount.

gift donations

For donations to made as gifts, AIBS will send an acknowledgement if you provide a name and email address or postal address for the recipient.


Please indicate whether we may list you as an donor, or if you prefer to make your donation anonymously.


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