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Select articles offer the following resources for classroom activities:

  • An original lesson for the high school to undergraduate levels written by a science educator specifically to accompany that article. It includes article content and extension questions, as well as activity handouts. The lesson opens in a PDF file. It is suggested that educators print the article and distribute copies to students in order to maximize the effectiveness of these lessons. For a list of available lessons, see our Lesson Directory.

  • Links to useful off-site resources that can help students perform lesson activities and/or learn more about a subject.

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NSES correlation charts articles are correlated to the U.S. National Science Education Standards and organized in easy-to-follow charts. Educators may want to review the appropriate chart when looking for educational resources on this site.

NSES Correlation Chart: Grades 9-12

  • lists the science content standards for grades 9-12 in eight categories, as outlined by the National Academy of Sciences, USA
  • suggests online articles that apply to each of these content standards
  • identifies the online articles that have lessons available for classroom use; these lessons were written by educators specifically to accompany this web site’s articles
  • provides a link to the complete text of the official standards for educators who wish to evaluate our online articles as suitable resources for other grade levels and for cross-curricular applications

NSES Correlation Chart: Grades 5-8

  • Articles listed in this chart have been chosen because they not only apply to the NSES standards for grades 5-8 but they are also easier to read by younger learners


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